Someone mentioned today that they really miss their dog that’s gone on ahead and are still sad he is no longer here.

While I miss all the dogs that have gone on ahead, am sometimes for a few moments sad (for me) about letting go of Stella last May, I generally look back with gratitude and contentment that I shared life and time with so many dogs, different dogs.

How can I not smile when I look at this photo of sweet Corndog spotlighted by a sunbeam, snoozing on his couch?

DSC00994 - Copy (2)

I have been blessed.

One more memory

It is almost impossible to think of all the dogs I’ve had without thinking of Corndog, a Labx stray who wormed his way into my life and my heart. Everyone was his friend; he never met a human, dog, or cat he disliked.

Here, he naps in between making friends.



I have what I think are some good photos on the camera Unfortunately the camera is in the car, which Faye has tonight. Rather than lament my forgetfulness, here’s a wonderful blast from my past.

One day in 2005 as I power-walked Stella, this loose on the street Labx began following us. He was a friendly boy, didn’t seem too street- or car-savvy. I didn’t want him to get hit so I encouraged him to follow us. Very long story shortened, I named him Corndog (he was yellow, and round, and a dog, ergo Corndog). After a couple false starts he came to live with me. Our time together was cut unexpectedly short by his lymphoma diagnosis, and I had to let go of him in January 2007.

I’m grateful to have had him in my life. Sometimes I think, believe, we get the dog we need. Corndog came into my life when I was focussed, intense. He may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed but he was sweet, friendly, happy. He never met a human, dog, or cat he disliked. I needed some lightening up, some comic relief. Through owning him I became more relaxed and open, a better human and a better dog owner.

This is my most favourite photo of him, dozing on the couch. I think he was snoring.

DSC00994 - Copy

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