We are enduring the longest hot spell of the season, which began Monday and will persist through the holiday weekend. Temperatures will range into the upper 20s with humidex readings in the 30s and threatening 40 (that’s temperatures in the 80s and humidex at times into the 90s. Such an extended hot spell is unusual. We aren’t used to this degree of heat lasting so long.

We will hibernate. It will be uncomfortable, even unpleasant at times. It will be much more unpleasant for outside workers, farm labourers. And for Faye, who is working 10 hours at a stretch at the canning plant. There will be no Labour Day holiday for her or the others at the plant.

It will be unpleasant, it will be rough. We may finally put the air conditioner in the window. Or we may not. Whatever we decide we will endure. Next February, we may remember this warm spell with wistfulness.

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